BCSR has selected “Between the Visible and the Invisible: Cosmology, Ritual, and Hermeneutics in Historical and Contemporary Chinese Worlds” to receive $1000 in graduate student event grant funding. The two-day event on November 14 and 15 presents the results of a yearlong interdisciplinary exploration by the Haas Junior Scholars Program of the Institute of East Asian Studies on the relations between ideas of cosmology, ritual practice, and classical scriptures in pre-modern and modern China. Papers discuss topics ranging from alchemy, meditative healing, and spirit possession, to textual exegesis, omenology, and state ritual.

BCSR’s Graduate Student Event Grants support innovative proposals for graduate student-led lectures, seminars, and conferences for public and campus audiences. UC Berkeley graduate students who are organizing Spring events are invited to apply by the next application deadline of Thursday, December 4, 2014.

BCSR welcomes Visiting Scholar Damon Mayrl, Assistant Professor of Sociology at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

Prof. Mayrl’s research interests are in comparative secularization, religion and politics, historical methods, and public policy. His first book, Secular Conversions (forthcoming, Cambridge University Press) examines how political and institutional factors have contributed to the development of distinct patterns of secularization in Australian and American education since 1800. During his residence, Mayrl will lay the groundwork for a new project examining how religion has shaped the development of public policy around end-of-life care. He will be on the Berkeley campus from September 2014 through May 2015.