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The Center for Jewish Studies at the Graduate Theological Union Annual Conference 2020: Storytelling and the Making of Jewish Culture

The Center for Jewish Studies at the Graduate Theological Union presents their Annual Conference: Storytelling and the Making of Jewish Culture. Storytelling is a primary engine of culture. An inherently interpersonal practice, stories describe and disrupt, educate and enrapture, galvanize and tranquilize. This conference brings together leading scholars to reflect on how storytelling has generated […]

Educating Conscience in Mid-Nineteenth Century British India

Advanced registration is required. To prepare, interested participants are asked to review the readings in advance of the event. Please email to register and receive readings. The colonial state’s meddling in the marriage between the Brahmin Luxmeebae and her Christian convert husband, Narayen Ramchundur, unleashed potent political emotions across mid-19th century Britain and India. […]

Health, Conscience, and the State

A conversation between Seth Koven and Ronit Stahl about health care, conscience, and the state in Europe and the US. Seth Koven’s teaching and research interests include gender, social, economic, and cultural history of Europe, 1750 to the present, with particular focus on Great Britain; Modern European women’s history; the history of sexuality; comparative urban and […]

Lucy Hutchinson and John Milton: Puritanism and Theology

Details forthcoming David Norbrook is Emeritus Merton Professor of English Literature, University of Oxford. He specializes in literature, politics and historiography in the early modern period, and early modern women’s writing. His publications include Poetry and Politics in the English Renaissance (1984), Writing the English Republic: Poetry, Rhetoric and Politics 1629-1660 (1999), and Lucretius and the Early Modern (ed. 2015). He is […]

Roundtable With David Norbrook, Joanna Picciotto, Madeline Lesser, Patrick Delehanty, Ruby Lowe and Simon Brown. Details forthcoming David R. Como is Professor of History at Stanford University. His publications include Blown by the Spirit: Puritanism and the Emergence of an Antinomian Underground in pre-Civil-War England (2004) and Radical Parliamentarians and the English Civil War, which won the Pacific Coast Conference on […]

Signs of the Times: Sufi Shrines and Multireligious Devotion in Modi’s India

India’s Sufi tomb shrines are famously accessible to visitors and pilgrims of all religions and none. In some cases, this open-door policy produces sites of deliberate, intentional mixing where the shared space is taken as emblematic of an idealized form of India’s secular principles. In other cases, the ownership and use of the shrine are […]

Social Justice in Antiquity and Late Antiquity and its Relation to Philosophical Asceticism

This lecture—based on a larger investigation expounded in a monograph (OUP 2016/2017) and some articles, and ongoing—will consider the relation of social justice and slavery to asceticism and philosophical asceticism in antiquity and especially late antiquity. Here I shall first take into account late antique and early Byzantine sources concerning individuals or couples who emancipated their slaves and gave up […]