Core faculty in the Designated Emphasis in the Study of Religion (Graduate Group in the Study of Religion)

The Graduate Group is a lively intellectual and academic community nurturing the teaching and scholarship of religion on campus. Core faculty can be a representative member of the Designated Emphasis in the Study of Religion in graduate students’ qualifying and dissertation committees, and teach courses that could apply towards the DESR.

Graduate Group Chair and Head Graduate Advisor:
Duncan Macrae (Classics, BCSR Co-Director)

Graduate Group in the Study of Religion faculty:

  • Asad Q. Ahmed (Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures)
  • Diliana Angelova (History, Art History)
  • Robert Braun (Sociology)
  • Carolyn Chen (Ethnic Studies, BCSR Co-Director)
  • John Connelly (History)
  • Mark Csikszentmihalyi (East Asian Languages and Cultures, BCSR Co-founder)
  • Ron Hendel (Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures)
  • Susanna Elm (History)
  • John Efron (History)
  • Victoria Frede (History)
  • Ron Hassner (Political Science)
  • Kate Heslop (Scandinavian)
  • Charles Hirschkind (Anthropology)
  • Abhishek Kaicker (History)
  • Ethan Katz (History)
  • Henrike Lange (Italian Studies, Art History)
  • Niklaus Largier (German, Comparative Literature)
  • Rita Lucarelli (Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures)
  • Ussama Makdisi (History)
  • David Marno (English)
  • Todd Olson (History of Art)
  • Doug Oman (Public Health)
  • Rahul Parson (South and Southeast Asian Studies)
  • Joanna Picciotto (English)
  • Diego Pirillo (Italian Studies)
  • Benjamin Porter (Middle Eastern Languages & Cultures)
  • James Porter (Rhetoric)
  • Poulomi Saha (English)
  • Daniel Sargent (History)
  • Ethan Shagan (History)
  • Robert Sharf (East Asian Languages and Cultures)
  • Jonathan Sheehan (History, BCSR Co-founder)
  • Francesco Spagnolo (Music)
  • Ann Swidler (Sociology)
  • Ronit Stahl (History)
  • Alexander Von Rospatt (South and Southeast Asian Studies)
  • Niek Veldhuis (Near Eastern Studies)


If you are interested in joining the Graduate Group in the Study of Religion, please contact