Following approval by the Graduate Council, the new Designated Emphasis in Study of Religion will be offered starting in 2021 by the Graduate Group in the Study of Religion, affiliated with the Berkeley Center for the Study of Religion.

The Designated Emphasis in the Study of Religion (DESR) will support graduate training in Religious Studies and in the Theory of the Study of Religion, promote graduate research on topics related to religion, and bring together a cross-disciplinary faculty Group in the Study of Religion. Recognizing that many Berkeley students across the Humanities and Social Sciences are already deeply engaged in the study of religious phenomena, the DESR creates a space where those students may come together and focus on the history and theory of how others have approached such phenomena. Since Berkeley currently has no department of Religious Studies, the DESR also integrates professional approaches derived from Theology and Religious Studies, alongside those derived from other cultural traditions and critical approaches to religion.

Be sure to check back on this page for forthcoming news about the Designated Emphasis in Religious Studies, including information on admissions, requirements, and course offerings.