DESR Fall 2022 Courses Announced

Hannah Hartt News

The Designated Emphasis in the Study of Religion (DESR) is pleased to announce the fall 2022 courses that count towards the core and elective requirements for the DE. These courses reflect the interdisciplinary breadth of the DESR, with core and elective options in Buddhist Studies, French, Hebrew, History, History of Art, Italian, Rhetoric, and Scandinavian.

For more information on fall courses, full course descriptions, and the curricular requirements of the DESR, please visit our courses page.


Methods in the Study of Religion (STRELIG 200)

  • ITALIAN 235 | Decolonizing the Republic of Letters: Literature and Violence from Columbus to Vico | Diego Pirillo

Histories of the Study of Religion (STRELIG 201)

  • HISTORY 280B/285B | Methods in the History of Religion | Jonathan Sheehan


  • BUDDSTD C220 | Seminar in Buddhism and Buddhist Texts
  • BUDDSTD/JAPAN C225 | Readings in Japanese Buddhist Texts | Mark Blum
  • BUDDSTD/CHINESE C223 | Readings in Chinese Buddhist Texts | Xingyi Wang
  • FRENCH 251 | Francophone Literature: The Violence of History in the Colonial and Contemporary Maghreb | Thoraya S. Tlatli
  • FRENCH/ITALIAN/SPANISH C203 | Comparative Studies in Roman Literatures and Cultures: Word, Image, Visuality in Romance Literature and Art | Henrike Christiane Lange
  • HEBREW 202A | Advanced Late Antique Hebrew Texts | Daniel Boyarin
  • HISTART 192D | Visualization: Medieval and Early Modern / Renaissance Europe | Henrike Christiane Lange
  • HISTORY 280M | Colonialism, Racism, and Resistance | Ussama Makdisi
  • RHETOR 200 | Classical Rhetorical Theory and Practice | James I. Porter
  • SCANDIN 220 | Early Scandinavian Literature: Eddic Books | Katherine Sarah Heslop