DESR Spring 2022 Courses Announced

Miranda Schonbrun

The Designated Emphasis in the Study of Religion (DESR) is pleased to announce our spring 2022 courses that count towards the core and elective requirements for the DE. These courses reflect the interdisciplinary breadth of the DESR, with core and elective options in Buddhist Studies/South & Southeast Asian Studies/East Asian Languages and Cultures, English, Ethnic Studies, History/History of Art/Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures, Public Health, and Social Welfare.

For more information on spring courses, full course descriptions, and the curricular requirements of the DESR, please visit our courses page.

Spring 2022 Core Courses

Methods in the Study of Religion (STRELIG 200)

  • ETHSTD 250 | Religion, Race, and Ethnicity in the United States | Carolyn Chen
Spring 2022 Elective Courses
  • BUDDSTD C224, SASIAN C224, TIBETAN C224 | Readings in Tibetan Buddhist Texts | Jacob Dalton
  • ENGLISH 250 | Idols and Ideology | Victoria Kahn
  • HISTART 290/HISTORY 280U/MELC 223 | Sensations: Cultural Histories of the Senses in the Ancient Mediterranean World | Diliana Angelova, Benjamin Porter
  • PBHLTH 281 | Public Health and Spirituality | Douglas W Oman
  • SOCWEL 250M | Death and Dying | Eveline S Chang