Missed an Event? Recordings Are Now Available

Miranda Schonbrun News

The Center has been busy! Recordings of the following events are available on Soundcloud or YouTube.

April 25: “‘Doing’ Political Theology Today: Promises and Pitfalls” Ruth Marshall: SoundCloud Recording

April 3: “The Creative Repercussions of Counterculture” Haroon Mirza: SoundCloud Recording

March 13: “What’s Theology Got to Do With It? An Eighteenth-Century Chinese Emperor Debating Religions and Christianity” Eugenio Menegon: SoundCloud Recording

March 7:  “Critical Public Theology: How to Use and Not to Use the Bible in Contemporary Public Issues” Konrad Schmid: SoundCloud Recording

March 4: “Captivated by the Mediterranean: Early Modern Spain and the Political Economy of Ransom” Daniel Hershenzon: YouTube | SoundCloud Recording

February 27: “The Politics of Truth: A Way Forward | Arlie Hochschild and Thomas Lacqueur in Conversation” Arlie Hochschild, Thomas Lacqueur: SoundCloud Recording

February 22-23: “Theology and The Public University” (in progress)  SoundCloud Recording