New Directions in Theology Grantees

From 2016-2019, BCSR rewarded promising young scholars from diverse disciplines with New Directions in Theology grants and faculty mentorship to create and shape a long-term community of inquiry on religion on the Berkeley campus. These graduate students explored new directions for the study of religion in the public university through weekly meetings convened by BCSR faculty.


  • Joshua Benjamins, Classics
  • Simon Brown, History
  • Aaron Eldridge, Anthropology
  • Nesma Gewily, Near Eastern Studies
  • Ashwak Hauter, Medical Anthropology
  • Maddie Lesser, English
  • Allyson Tang, Chinese Language
  • Alexander Ullman, English


  • Patrick Delehanty, English
  • Gideon Enz, Asian Studies
  • Nikolas Gable, English and Medieval Studies
  • Kristen Hook, Italian Studies
  • Petra Lamberson, Buddhist Studies
  • Jacob Liming, Anthropology
  • Sam Stubblefield, History
  • Allyson Tang, Chinese Language


  • Remi Alie, History
  • Nir Feinberg, Buddhist Studies
  • Bernardo Hinojosa, English and Medieval Studies
  • Kimberly Kolor, South and Southeast Asian Studies
  • Kyra Sutton, Rhetoric
  • Paul Thomas, South and Southeast Asian Studies
  • Josefina Valdes, Anthropology
  • Mustafa Yildiz, History


  • Maxwell Brandstadt, Buddhist Studies
  • Aaron Eldridge, Anthropology
  • Brent Eng, Anthropology
  • Shterna Friedman, Political Science
  • Mohamad Jarada, Anthropology
  • Landon Reitz, German
  • Max Stevenson, English
  • Madeline Wyse, Near Eastern Studies