New Directions in Theology Grantees

BCSR rewards promising young scholars from diverse disciplines with New Directions in Theology grants and faculty mentorship to create and shape a long-term community of inquiry on religion on the Berkeley campus. These graduate students explore new directions for the study of religion through biweekly meetings convened by BCSR faculty.

Spring 2023

  • Olufunke Bamidele Fasawe, Public Health
  • Courtney Bither, History
  • Tiffany Castillo, Social Welfare MSW-MPH CDP and Public Health MPH-MSW CDP
  • Rosamond Herling, Slavic Languages and Literature
  • Patricia Kubala, Anthropology
  • Ryan Lackey, English
  • Emily Martin, History
  • Amar Zaidi, History
  • Christin Zurbach, History

Fall 2021

  • Courtney Bither, History
  • Yesenia Brambila, Ancient Greek & Roman Studies
  • Sourav Ghosh, History
  • Hu Hsu, History
  • Dylan Kenny, Ancient Greek & Roman Studies
  • David Kurkovskiy, Slavic Languages and Literatures
  • Kevin Ogunniyi, English
  • Flavio Santini, Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology


  • Joshua Benjamins, Ancient Greek & Roman Studies
  • Simon Brown, History
  • Aaron Eldridge, Anthropology
  • Nesma Gewily, Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures
  • Ashwak Hauter, Medical Anthropology
  • Maddie Lesser, English
  • Allyson Tang, Chinese Language
  • Alexander Ullman, English


  • Patrick Delehanty, English
  • Gideon Enz, Asian Studies
  • Nikolas Gable, English and Medieval Studies
  • Kristen Hook, Italian Studies
  • Petra Lamberson, Buddhist Studies
  • Jacob Liming, Anthropology
  • Sam Stubblefield, History
  • Allyson Tang, Chinese Language


  • Remi Alie, History
  • Nir Feinberg, Buddhist Studies
  • Bernardo Hinojosa, English and Medieval Studies
  • Kimberly Kolor, South and Southeast Asian Studies
  • Kyra Sutton, Rhetoric
  • Paul Thomas, South and Southeast Asian Studies
  • Josefina Valdes, Anthropology
  • Mustafa Yildiz, History


  • Maxwell Brandstadt, Buddhist Studies
  • Aaron Eldridge, Anthropology
  • Brent Eng, Anthropology
  • Shterna Friedman, Political Science
  • Mohamad Jarada, Anthropology
  • Landon Reitz, German
  • Max Stevenson, English
  • Madeline Wyse, Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures