BCSR Spring 2022 Events

Miranda Schonbrun

BCSR Spring 2022 Events

January 01, 2022 - May 31, 2022 / All Day / Add to Google

January 20, 5 pm
Must a Caliph be Popular? The Theological and Legal Ramifications of early Muslim Leadership Selection
Robert Gleave, University of Exeter, UK

February 10, 5 pm
Asian Americans and the Spirit of Racial Capitalism: Race, Religion, and Democracy
Jonathan Tran, Baylor University

February 16, 5 pm
The Racial Muslim: When Racism Quashes Religious Freedom
Sahar Aziz, Rutgers University Law School

February 22, 5pm
Through the Looking Glass: Perspectives on the Interaction Between “Politics” and “Religion” in Ancient Greece
Josine Blok, Utrecht University, NL

March 3, 5 pm
I Know the Truth: Muhammad Ali, Brainwashing, and the Racial Politics of Religious Authenticity
Rebecca Davis, University of Delaware

April 6, 5 pm
Consensus and Early Islamic Law
Asad Ahmed, UC Berkeley

April 20, 5 pm
Voting from the Rooftops: Religion and Politics in Mughal India
Abhishek Kaicker, UC Berkeley

April 29, 12 pm
Author Meets Critics: Work Pray Code: When Work Becomes Religion in Silicon Valley
Carolyn Chen, UC Berkeley
Arlie R. Hochschild, UC Berkeley
Fred Turner, Stanford University
Joint Social Science Matrix and BCSR event

Workshop: What Now?
Kathryn Lofton, Yale University
Jonathan Sheehan, UC Berkeley

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