Faculty Accomplishments from Fall 2020

Miranda Schonbrun

BCSR is proud to share a sample of recent accomplishments, publications, awards, and news from affiliated faculty from fall 2020.

Please join us in congratulating our affiliated faculty members Charles Hirschkind, Ethan Katz, Rita Lucarelli, and Ronit Stahl on these achievements!



Charles Hirschkind’s new book The Feeling of History: Islam, Romanticism, and Andalusia, published with the University of Chicago Press, is now available.

“In today’s world, the lines between Europe and the Middle East, between Christian Europeans and Muslim immigrants in their midst, seem to be hardening. Alarmist editorials compare the arrival of Muslim refugees with the “Muslim conquest of 711,” warning that Europe will be called on to defend its borders. Violence and paranoia are alive and well in Fortress Europe.”

Ethan Katz recently sat down for an interview for the Division of Social Sciences with Assistant Dean Christian Gordon about the state of Black-Jewish relations in America and his recently published CNN article “Far more unites Black and Jewish Americans than divides them,” co-authored with Deborah Lipstadt.

Rita Lucarelli recently published “the Magician as a Literary Figure in Ancient Egyptian Texts” and “Baba and the Demonic Baboons.”

Full references:

Lucarelli, Rita. “The Magician as a Literary Figure in Ancient Egyptian Texts.” In Franziska Naether, ed. 2020. Cult Practices in Ancient Literatures: Egyptian, Near Eastern and Graeco-Roman Narratives in a Cross-Cultural Perspective. Proceedings of a Workshop at the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, New York, May 16-17, 2016. Institute for the Study of the Ancient World (ISAW) Papers 18., New York University. http://hdl.handle.net/2333.1/s4mw6x82

Lucarelli, Rita. “Baba and the Demonic Baboons.” In K. Szpakowska, ed. 2020. Demon Things: Ancient Egyptian Manifestations of Liminal Entities. Journal of Ancient Egyptian Interconnections 25. https://egyptianexpedition.org/articles/baba-and-the-baboon-demons/ 

Ronit Stahl recently published the article “Continuity Crisis: The History and Sexual Politics of an American Jewish Communal Project” discussing feminism, Jewish continuity, and social science in the 1970s in the American Jewish History journal.

We collect submissions for the Faculty Accomplishments articles year round. If you are a BCSR affiliated faculty member and have any publications, awards, articles that you were quoted in or opinion pieces you authored, conferences or events you were involved in, or any other news that you would like to share with the BCSR community, please send us the details at info.bcsr@berkeley.edu.