Buddhism to Islam, Asia to Europe, Antiquity to the Present: BCSR Faculty Members’ Courses on Religion, Fall 2018

Brandon Schneider News

BCSR faculty will offer an array of undergraduate and graduate courses on religion in fall 2018. Covering numerous faiths, regions, periods, and methods, the courses are a testament to the interdisciplinary breadth and historical depth of BCSR faculty. Highlights of such offerings are listed below, a sample of the more than 100 religion-related courses that will be offered at Berkeley in the fall.

  • The Rise of Islamic Civilization | Near Eastern Studies 147 | Asad Ahmed
  • Advanced Late Antique Hebrew Texts | Hebrew 202A | Daniel Boyarin
  • Jews in the English Imagination | Jewish Studies 39 | Benjamin Brinner
  • Reading the Zhuangzi | Chinese 221 | Mark Csikszentmihalyi
  • Tibetan Buddhism | Buddhist Studies C214 | Jacob Dalton
  • Ancient Israel in the Modern Western Imagination | History 280B | John Efron
  • Religion and International Relations | Political Science 222 | Ron Hassner
  • Experience of the Divine in Literature and Art | Comparative Literature 20C | Niklaus Largier
  • Themes in the Anthropology of the Middle East and Islam | Anthropology 181 | Stefania Pandolfo
  • Mapping Diasporas | Jewish Studies 121 | Francesco Spagnolo
  • Readings in Indian Buddhist Texts | Buddhist Studies C215 | Alexander Von Rospatt

More information on these and other religious studies courses at Berkeley can be found in the Schedule of Classes.