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From Sinai to Ethiopia, and Back to Israel: The Halakhic and Conceptual World of Ethiopian Jewry

2020 Robbins Collection Annual Lecture in Jewish Law, Thought, and Identity An RSVP is requested. Rabbi Shalom delves into the history, customs, and law of the Beta Israel, codifying the ancient cultural heritage of Ethiopian Jewry for the first time and contrasting it with Orthodox rabbinic law. Navigating tensions between religion and culture, he offers […]

In the Name of the Cross: Christianity and Anti-Semitic Propaganda in Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany

An RSVP is requested. Heated debate surrounds the question of the role Christianity and Christian churches played in the Nazi and Italian Fascist demonization of the Jews. This talk brings to light similarities and differences in the Nazi and Italian Fascist uses of Christianity in their efforts to turn their populations against the Jews through […]

Transformation & Modernity around 1300: Medium, Spirituality, Experience in Giotto's Arena Chapel

Revolving around a new reading of Giotto’s acclaimed Arena Chapel (Cappella degli Scrovegni) in Padua, this international book conference will pair some of the most eminent art historians in the field of Italian Renaissance/Early Modern Studies from Europe and the US east coast with interdisciplinary responses from prominent local historians, art historians, and specialists in […]

The Anti-Catholic Origins of Anti-Communism

The Christian campaign against secular Communism was a defining phenomenon in Europe’s modern history. Over the last few years, scholars have begun to uncover its many roots—especially in anti-Semitism—and to chart the vast intellectual production and political mobilization it inspired. This talk will add to this burgeoning work by exploring the role of Protestant anti-Catholic […]

Educating Conscience in Mid-Nineteenth Century British India

Readings will be made available prior to the event. Advanced registration is required. To register, please contact The colonial state’s meddling in the marriage between the Brahmin Luxmeebae and her Christian convert husband, Narayen Ramchundur, unleashed potent political emotions across mid-19th century Britain and India. Their dispute provoked riots in India, but its legal […]

Health, Conscience, and the State

A conversation between Seth Koven and Ronit Stahl about health care, conscience, and the state in Europe and the US. Seth Koven’s teaching and research interests include gender, social, economic, and cultural history of Europe, 1750 to the present, with particular focus on Great Britain; Modern European women’s history; the history of sexuality; comparative urban and […]