Event Category: Co-sponsored Event

Lecture details are forthcoming. Christopher J. Tyerman is Professor of the History of the Crusades at Oxford University. Co-sponsored by the Department of History and the Program in Medieval Studies
This event will be held in 308A Doe Library, UC Berkeley. Byzantine private prayer scrolls are rare.  Most date from the 13th or 14th centuries, and while several of them were written in gold ink only two of the preserved examples — neither of which has ever been published — contain any images.  This paper presents one … Continue reading
In this talk, I will speak about a wide field of my current research which concerns the medieval phenomenon of (in German) “Institutionstranszendenz”.  I intend to present some specific cases, combined with fundamental reflections about medieval freedom of individuals beyond and against the ecclesiastical rules – a freedom which is (paradoxically) legitimized by a direct … Continue reading
A documentary devoted to three pilgrimages to sacred mountains in the three Abrahamic religions. The work explores the role of music practices as a way of prayer and participation, and the importance of sound in shaping and giving meaning to places. The narrative is shaped around three episodes, each devoted to a different event, following … Continue reading
In this multimedia, multidisciplinary presentation, Samuel R. Torjman Thomas explores the place of musical expression in the definition of Moroccan Jewish culture. Through discussion and live musical performance, Dr. Torjman Thomas analyzes the place of liturgical, para-liturgical, and folk repertoires in Moroccan musical life, highlighting the juxtaposition of several fundamental diasporic identities: Jewish, Sephardic, and … Continue reading