Event Category: Berkeley Seminars in Art and Religion

Lecture details forthcoming. A Chancellor of the Academy of American Poets, Linda Gregerson is the Caroline Walker Bynum Distinguished University Professor of English Language and Literature at the University of Michigan, where she teaches creative writing and Renaissance literature and directs the Helen Zell Writers Program. She is the author of six books of poetry … Continue reading
Video Showing and Discussion, with an Introduction and Response by Robert Alter In my talk I will discuss ways in which religious rituals affect civilian protocols in Israel and Palestine. To explore this link between ritual and routine, I will conduct a chronological overview of my work, which, in examining the connections between religious codes … Continue reading
The “Sacred” and the “Holy” (haram in Arabic and, to some extent, al-quds or al-muqaddas), are Semitic words (see Herem and Kadosh in Hebrew) denoting the act of separation, parting, or setting aside, and imply the apparent human faculty of setting distinctive borders between holy and profane zones. Constrained to time, these spaces become chronotopes. … Continue reading
The image of Islam in the West has been consistently informed by the idea that Islam fosters distinctive attitudes towards the image. Recent controversies about Islam, aniconism and iconoclasm are typical in this respect, often taking the idea of an Islamic Bilderverbot (image prohibition) as a given. Seen from the perspective of the longue durée, … Continue reading
Film Screening and Discussion The documentary If I Give My Soul began the day that co-director Andrew Johnson checked into a Brazilian prison, where he would spend two weeks living as an inmate. He ate the same food, slept in the same cells and went through the routines as if he were incarcerated in an … Continue reading