In Spring 2015, the Henry Luce Foundation awarded BSCR a three-year, million dollar grant for a Berkeley Public Theology Program, to begin in Spring 2016 and run through Fall 2018. This program integrates robust academic research, student engagement, BCSR programming, and outreach beyond the university to the public at large. Through this Program, BCSR aims to reshape the landscape of religious studies at Berkeley and chart new paths for the study of religion in the public university.

Public Theology / Events

This workshop gathers scholars who are interested in the myriad recent critiques of secularism spanning a variety of academic fields: history, political science, anthropology, comparative literature, etc. Our aim is to discuss the various motives for these critiques, their implications, and what alternatives, if any, they put forward. What implications, for instance, does the critique … Continue reading
In recent research on the concept of 信, “belief,” in Song dynasty (960-1279) China, I have discovered a surprising pattern in twelfth-century occult anecdotes (narratives told as true, recording human interactions with gods, ghosts, and other spirits): it appears that both “believing” and “disbelieving” a proposition or representation from another being, human or spiritual, were … Continue reading
Please visit the Translating Religion and Theology in Europe and Asia: East to West special event page for the complete workshop program. “Translating Religion and Theology in Europe and Asia: East to West” is a three-day workshop (March 22-24) on the European reception of knowledge about East Asian thought, and most importantly how this reception … Continue reading