Event Category: Berkeley Public Forum on Religion

Between 1529 and 1651 six major clusters of religious war engulfed Europe. Most of these wars ended in some form of political compromise, but even in the exceptional cases religious war eventually yielded to religious peace.  Though historians traditionally focus on the wars, this presentation will focus on the broad and durable pattern of religious … Continue reading
Recent scholarship has drawn renewed attention to the prominence of Nestorian Christians in the Mongol Empire (1206-1368). Drawing upon a broad range of primary sources in Syriac, Latin, Turkish and other languages, this lecture explores the role of the Ongut Turks of Inner Mongolia in the articulation of religious identity in the Mongol world. Joel … Continue reading
The 2005 Danish “Cartoons Crisis” – as it has come to be known – set off a wave of protests and debates around the globe. The phenomenon was widely framed as a conflict between the freedom of speech, on the one hand, and the right not to be offended, on the other. Scholars have challenged … Continue reading
The point of departure of this presentation is that human relations to images are culturally constituted and are central to the politics and aesthetics of world making. Specific cultural settings shape what images should depict, how they are viewed, where they are displayed, how they are valued, which emotions they arouse, and how and where … Continue reading
Indonesian Muslims have been participating enthusiastically in the global rise of middle class piety. One way to gain insight into contemporary piety is to examine conflicts that might reveal the internal tensions and pressure points to which it is giving rise. Among the more puzzling conflicts for many outside observers to grasp have been those … Continue reading