Advancing creative and critical scholarship on religion in the world

BCSR presents a colloquium with Prof. Green where he will be discussing “Dreaming of Island in Detroit: An Indian Entrepreneur in the American Religious Market.” The paper is a chapter from his forthcoming book, Terrains of Exchange: Muslim Encounters from India & Iran to America & Japan (Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2014). This colloquium is […]

Muslim Travels and the Making of Tolerance

How does tolerance come about? And are there particular conditions or experiences that help generate it? Taking an historical rather than a theological or apologetic approach, this lecture uses the Urdu and Persian journals written by Afghan, Iranian and Indo-Pakistani travelers to recreate particular Muslim meetings with non-Muslim peoples from distant parts of the planet. […]

Lying plays a surprisingly important part in popular accounts of Europe’s transformation from a medieval or pre-modern to an early modern society. According to these histories, Europe becomes modern when Europeans begin to lie, or, to be more precise, when they begin to argue that it is sometimes licit and virtuous to lie. This story […]

Blasphemy and Democratic Citizenship

It has been argued that acts that offend religious sensibilities could stimulate public debate about religion, politics and society. Believers who feel offended by, e.g., images that denigrate their religion should counter the offense by actively participating in the discussion about such images instead of calling for political action or legal restrictions of freedom of […]

It is commonly assumed that the historicization of religion and theology only occurred in the wake of an ‘early enlightenment’, and against the forces of confessionalisation and dogmatic theology. I will argue that in England the process occurred much earlier, and crucially, at the service of confessional identity. Due to structural changes in the nature […]